Smart Power Sockets Buying Guide

In this Smart Power Sockets Buying Guide we look at the option and what to look for when making your purchases.  Smart Power Sockets and the various alternative devices have been around for a while now, and in the past few months and as a result, have seen great advancements in their technology.

Smart Power Sockets allow you to have greater control over your sockets, lighting and everything you plug in.!   Some devices, such as the Generation 2 LightwaveRF, you can view your power usage and lock socket to give extra safety.

Our Smart Power Sockets product range is constantly being updated and reviewed, so take a look at the most up to date Smart Power Sockets below:

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Smart Power Buying Advice and Tips

Did you know you can turn almost any piece of electronics into a smart device? Listed above are the  best smart power sockets which use to either replace your current sockets, or simply plugin to your current sockets.

What are Smart Power Sockets?

Basically, they replace your current home ‘dumb’ sockets with a socket that has built in WiFi capabilities allowing you to connect to the suppliers Smart App and Google Home or Amazon Alexa.  Then with a simple “Ok Google” you can switch on or off the device you have plugged in.

It goes further than that, Smart Power Sockets also come with additional features such a energy usage monitoring, child safety locks and timers.  You can also switch on or off most Smart Power Sockets from anywhere in the world.

What tips do you have?

As with any new technology, there are multiple manufactures fighting for your business. 

Most mainstream manufactures offer the same options within their devices.  Our advice is decide on a manufacture and stick with them – this will save you money in the long run.

For Smart Power Sockets, booBeam highly recommends the LightwaveRF range for their flexibility and options.  

We also suggest you stay clear of the cheaper China import devices you will find on Amazon.  These are not tested to local regulations, and do not offer the same support you will receive from one of the mainstream manufactures.  Also, the Smart Phone Apps from the China import devices will not be updated as regularly. 

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