Smart Heating

Smart Heating Controls have been around for a while now, and in the past few months and as a result, have seen great advancements in their technology.


A Smarter Heating system allows you to have greater control over your Home Heating by giving you access to your heating anywhere from any WiFi enabled device.  They learn your daily routine to automatically switch your heating and hot water on and off, hence you always return to a warm home. 


Our smart heating thermostat product range is constantly being updated and reviewed, so take a look at the most up to date Smart Heating Controls online.


All devices list here at booBeam have our Real Life Ratings.  These are a set of ratings we measure each device against to give you a real life feel for the device.  Is it worth the money?  How easy are they to install? And most importantly, how easy are they to use in real life scenarios?



Our reviewed and tested range

Listed below are the devices we have used, reviewed and tested.  Please click on a device for further information and to see our booBeam Real Life Rating.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat
Netatmo Smart Thermostat
New Hive Active Heating Smart Thermostat
New Hive Active Heating & Hot Water Thermostat
Honeywell Evohome Multizone Smart Thermostat
Honeywell Evohome Multizone Smart Thermostat
Tado Smart Thermostat
Tado Smart Thermostat – Version 3
Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat
Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat
Nest Learning Smart Thermostat
Nest Learning Smart Thermostat – 3rd Generation

Smart Heating Buying Advice and Tips

The question you should always ask yourself, is to which level you need – or want – to make your heating smart.

Most of the devices on the market – Hive, Nest and and Tado – simply put a smart thermostat into the most-used room in the house or the hallway, and moderate the temperature of the whole house to match that room.


Likewise, these devices also make it easier to set schedules and many have ‘smart’ features to make your heating more efficient and therefore save you money. For example, they can detect when no-one’s home and automatically turn off the heating.


However, more and more manufactures are releasing smart radiator valves which allow you to divide your house into zones, with the Smart Heating Thermostat controlling each radiator valve, and in turn the temperature of each room individually.  

Interestingly, as manufacturers are launching smart radiator valves they are making them brand independent so you don’t necessarily need to buy the same brand thermostat and valve.


So the question boils (pardon the pun) down to your budget, and what you would like to achieve?   If you simply want the flexibility to control your heating from anywhere in the world via a Smart phone and have the ability to create smart timers and check energy usage, a Smart Thermostat is the way to go.

If you would to control the heat in each room, and if your budget allows, you should also add optional Smart Radiator Valves or purchase a Honeywell solution which includes the valves. 

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