Best Camera for Samsung SmartThings

Last Updated : November 2019

So many of us are looking for advanced ways, and automated ways to keep our homes and families secure and we are ever turning towards tech to help us do this! Gone are the days of hunting for clunky home alarm systems and CCTV cameras that record to a hard to access hard drive. 


With the invent of home technology, finding the right smart home technology is becoming ever so easier leaving your home feeling safe and secure!

Why Smart Cameras?

There are so many advantages to smart cameras that we could write a whole couple of articles on, so we will not go into too much detail, but it is certainly worth providing a brief overview just in case! Smart cameras give the user the chance to view their home from wherever in the world they are. So, you could be at work, or even on holiday across the globe and you have the ability to log in and see for yourself what is going on at home.

Plus, we all know that cameras act as a deterrent to any ‘would be’ thieves whom come snooping around your property. Thieves are put off by the sight of cameras which keeps your home and property safe!

Advantages of SmartThings

In terms of having a Samsung SmartThings system in place in your home, you are fortunate in the fact that you have plenty of cameras that are all compatible with this smart home ecosystem.


In fact, it is not just smart cameras that you can link with your Samsung SmartThings system! 


TVs, Smart Fridges, Samsung Powerbot, Smart Speakers, bulbs and Thermostats all sync up beautifully with the Samsung SmartThings; so, it is well worth investigating these in more detail to see what can be achieved with your smart piece of home technology!


Anyway, back to cameras!



There are plenty of smart camera that will team up with your Samsung SmartThings, so which one should you choose?

Best Camera for Samsung SmartThings

SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full HD WiFi Camera

This smart looking camera boasts 1080p streaming to your computer or laptop, and 720p quality via your mobile phone. It comes with a very simple set up with the mere downloading of the SmartCam app which has been supplied by Samsung.


This camera not only allows you to listen to what is going on around the camera, but allows you the chance to respond as well!

SmartCam HD Plus 1080p Full HD WiFi Camera

Very similar to the SmartCam above, the plus edition allows you the chance to access more than one stream at a time (five at a time in fact) and the motion detection is very advanced.


Falling leaves and flying birds do not disturb this camera so much, and the ability to choose certain areas to monitor more closely are a great feature.

Netgear Arlo Wire-Free HD Security Camera

This cute little camera is the world’s first completely wire – free camera that you can position absolutely anywhere! PLUS – it is weatherproof!

You will love the complete absence of wires and cables; allowing you to put it wherever you should need it!


Every camera comes with batteries and everything you will need to set up – plus, the apps are very easy to download and set up.

Netgear Arlo Q HD Security Camera

Finally, let’s discuss this great camera which offers AC power, HD streaming, 2 way audio and even night vision. These can be set up so that any unwanted motion or audio is detected alerts you via text or email.


As these cameras are not weatherproof it is advisable to keep these inside to monitor what is going on internally; but you will be pleased to hear that these cameras look smart so are not an eyesore whatsoever!

And finally..

There are plenty of pieces of technology that go perfectly well with your Samsung SmartThings that it is not hard to find the right gear to go with your needs – the hard part is deciding what to go for!

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