Hive are heavyweights in the Smart Home arena. But how does their hub weigh up?

The Hive Smart Home Hub is the brains and heart of your Hive Smart Home setup and an essential bit of kit if you want to control multiple Hive Smart devices in your home.  Lets take a look and find out how it stacks up.


Our Real Life Ratings are based on the team here at actually installing, using and customising the Smart Home Technology we offer.  They are based on our experience, understanding of the market and our desire for straight forward, easy to use Smart Home Technology.

Value for Money (compared to similar devices) 92%
Ease of Install 92%
Ease of Use 98%
Overall 94%

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Product Description

Not only just heating, Hive are now in the Smart Home security, power and lighting game.  With that comes the responsibility to design a sturdy hub which can control multiple devices with enough capacity to cope.


This was one area that Hive struggled with in the early days, with many of our visitors asking advice on how they can expand the range of their hubs, however, we are pleased to report with this new Hive Hub, those early issues have gone away. 


Controlling Heating, Lighting, Power and Cameras from this single device, Hive have certainly stepped up their game.  The Hive Hub is a little on the ugly side (don’t tell it we said that) but that doesn’t really matter as 9 times out of 10 the hub will be installed out of the way in a cupboard next to your home broadband router. 


Once connected to your router, and once you have your Hive Smart devices plugged in, the Hive App (available on all smart devices) will search for and synchronise the devices into the app meaning setup is a breeze.  You will soon be controlling your heating, lighting and power, all while watching your camera stream directly on your mobile phone. 


Product Specs

What’s in the box:

Power Supply
Hive Hub

Network Cable
User Guide


System Requirements:

Internet Access
Router with spare network port

Detailed Product Information

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Hive Hub

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How Easy is it to install?

Simply connect to you home router, add the power and away you go.  Once connected, install the Hive App and sync your Hive devices.  Lights, Cameras and Heat.! Full instructions are included within the pack.

What Others Say..

Love being in the 21st century. Getting things connected up with the help of the Hive Hub lets me turn on heating by voice command using Alexa. Or Google Home if that’s what you fancy. Easy as pie to set up.



Amazon Review

Works well and was very easy to set up.



Amazon Review

In Action

There is nothing better than seeing a product in action.  Please take a look at this video giving a product overview and introduction.

How much is the Hive Smart Home Hub?

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