What is the LightwaveRF Link Plus Control Hub?

The LightwaveRF Link Plus Control Hub is essential for use with LightwaveRF devices.  It is the device that connects your LightwaveRF switches and sockets to your WiFi and gives you access to the LightwaveRF App.  


This updated LightwaveRF Hub introduces compatibility with Apple Home Kit and Efficiency Usage reporting.  But is it worth it?


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Value for Money (compared to similar devices) 92%
Ease of Install 98%
Ease of Use 98%
Overall 96%

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Product Description

The heart of the LightwaveRF smart home device family, the Lightwave Link Plus can control more than 250 devices. It has excellent range that can outperform Wi-Fi and other home automation standards and comfortably accommodate a large house. Devices respond to commands in a split second at or away from home, while the Lightwave app allows you to monitor status and energy consumption (Generation 2 devices) from your iPhone, Android or Tablet.

Product Specs

Dimensions & Weight Details: Central controller: 10.1 cm x 3 cm x 10.1 cm x 218 g
Product Type: Central controller
Power Source: Power adapter
Connectivity: Wireless
CompatibilityApple HomeKit, Alex and Google Home

Detailed Product Information

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Lightwave Link Plus Control Hub compatible with Apple HomeKit - White

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How Easy is it to install?

Simply connect to you home Wifi, add the power and away you go.  Once the hub is installed, you will need to sync your LightwaveRF devices, and this is a breeze with the LightwaveRF App.

What Others Say..

Have several of these, fin them of high quality and reliable. Integration with IFTTT is great!



Amazon Review

Found it easy to setup with my Amazon Alexa, and the lightwave app on my iPhone.



Amazon Review

In Action

There is nothing better than seeing a product in action.  Please take a look at this video giving a product overview and introduction.

How much is the LightwaveRF Link Plus Control Hub?

Prices for the LightwaveRF Link Plus Control Hub are higher than the now defunct original LightwaveRF Hub (Gen 1) with reason.  This new hub boasts more features, and Wifi range than ever before.  Click on any one of the list below to find out more.

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