TADO SMART THERMOSTAT Starter Kit (Version 3)

Giving you the ability to control your heating from anywhere in the world.  The Tado Smart Thermostat brings an unexpected rival to the Nest and Hives of this world. Let’s take a look at the Tado, and see if it is best for you?


Our Real Life Ratings are based on the team here at booBeam.com actually installing, using and customising the Smart Home Technology we offer.  They are based on our experience, understanding of the market and our desire for straight forward, easy to use Smart Home Technology.

Value for Money (compared to similar devices) 95%
Ease of Install 89%
Ease of Use 92%
Overall 92%

Product Description

The tado° Smart Thermostat uses your phone’s location to control your heating, ensuring no energy is wasted. The smartphone app gives you full control over your heating wherever you are. Experience more comfort while saving up to 31% of your heating costs.

Product Specs

  • Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • App needed for use: tado app.
  • Operates over mobile internet.
  • Operates over wi-fi.
  • Requires wireless router for use.
  • Controls heating.
  • Monitors energy consumption.
  • Sets schedules for devices.
  • Components include 1 x tado Smart Thermostat, tado Internet Bridge, 2 sticky pads, 3 AAA batteries, Housing screw, 2 Wall mounting screws, 2 Wall plugs, Lables for cabling, Power adapter, USB-Cable, Ethernet-Cable.
  • Batteries required 3 x AAA (included).
  • Size H10.4, W10.4, D1.9cm.
  • 2 year.

Detailed Product Information

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tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3 - intelligent heating control with geofencing...

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How Easy is it to install?

If you currently have a thermostat, then installation is easier as you no need to run cables to your boiler.  If this is your first thermostat then fear not.  Tado provide great support and install is not too tricky, you simply need to select the correct connection on your boiler to hook the Tado device.  Full install instruction are included for most well know boiler makes.

What Others Say..

Tado is hands-down the best smart thermostat on the market, and so far, the best smart home device I own.



Amazon Review

The tado Smart Thermostat is simply the best thermostat on the market. In just over a month of use, through some exceptionally cold weather, it has undoubtedly saved us money.



Amazon Review

In Action

There is nothing better than seeing a product in action.  Please take a look at this video giving a product overview and introduction.

How much is the Tado Smart Thermostat?

Prices for the Nest have dropped over the past few months as Hive bring out their updates. At launch, the original Nest was £199, for the thermostat alone which shows the direction prices are going in this competitive market.  The prices below are live and pulled from our system every minute.   Click on any one of the list below to find out more.

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