Google Home vs Alexa

Having a smart speaker in your home is becoming an ever so popular feature of home technology that so many people are now getting behind including Google. 

There are so many to choose from, Amazon but let’s face it, there are two that are really starting to pull away from the rest; Google Home and Amazon Echo.

But what do they do? How do they differ? What is the difference?

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Amazon Echo

So to kick us off in this Google Home vs Alexa UK review.  Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home are smart speakers; so, they can play your favorite music, but using the power of your voice you can also get them to do a whole host of other functions too! 

Creating hours of fun, all you have to do is to say something out loud and both of these smart devices will work hard to help you achieve what you ask them to do; so, imagine asking them for the latest weather report, or the latest news perhaps. You can also even order a pizza with them, toothpaste too, and even turn your heating off if you have the right kit installed. 

Both of these smart speakers are powered by their very own virtual helpers that you are linked into your smart home; Amazon’s speakers have Alexa as their host, and Google speakers use Google Assistant.

Amazon have a whole host of speakers available, simply because they appeared on the market first; The Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and the Echo Show.

Google on the other hand currently offers two options for the smart home; the Google Home and the Google Home Mini.

What should I choose Amazon Echo or Google Home

I guess the main question you are asking is; “Which one should I choose?” 

That is a question we cannot answer for you, but we can run through all of the design and specifications to help you make the right decision for your home.

Both smart speakers look very smart and never look too out of place in any form of décor. Some may argue that the Google Home appears slightly more aesthetically pleasing due to its curvatures and sloped top and fabric base. 

The Amazon Echo Show has a large screen that does set it apart from other speakers, but these too look great and offer the High-Tec, smart appearance that some people love to show off. 


One thing that you will be pleased to hear is that both the Amazon Echo and Google Home offer a great listening experience even for such a small device. The new Echo features a 2.5-inch speaker and a small tweeter that puts out room-filling audio. And the Google Home boasts a 2-inch audio driver, and two 2-inch passive radiators. They are both impressive however we would say that the Google Assistants voice at times does sound a little scratchier than Alexa.


On the surface, when comparing Google Home vs Alexa UK they both do similar things and can perform similar tasks to one another – but let’s dig a little deeper.

Home Integration

Other companies have been able to work closely with Amazon so there are so many skills that Alexa boasts. Primarily because it was first to market, for example the ability to order an Uber with your voice was done before anyone else.

The early bird catches the worm some say, and this has held Amazon in good stead for being that one step ahead however that does not mean that Google cannot catch up quickly!

 One massive plus point for Google is that of it’s incredible artificial intelligence, Google Assistant.

Google processes so much data every single day, unimaginable amounts of data and that gives the user the ability to talk to a virtual assistant whom is great to talk to,and works with all of the apps you may already use.

 Say for example you are an Android phone user, or perhaps you use a Google calendar to keep on top of your schedule, the Google Assistant will be able to offer you personalised information based on your own schedule.

 The Google Assistant is also much better at handling contextual questions. For example, if you were to ask; “What football team does Fellaini play for?” And then go on to ask; “How old is he?”, the assistant will understand and know that you are still questioning about Fellaini. 

So which one is best?

I guess to try to answer your questions over which device you should buy; the Google or Amazon model. There are no wrong or right answers. The choice is completely yours, and both have their own amazing features.

Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home offer great music playback and work perfectly well as speakers.

As we mentioned earlier, with Amazon being released before Google Home set it in good stead and offers plenty of great design features and different models to suit different tastes but then again, we are confident that the Google Home will soon catch up.

If you are feeling lonely and want a device to chat with – we would probably recommend going for the Google Home as Google Assist is far better at complex conversations and holding some great conversations too might we add. Especially if you are a user of other Google products then you will find the synchronicity between all of your devices and calendars will work beautifully well!

If you are looking for a smart device to help you power all of the other smart technology that your home has to offer like a smart thermostat or smart lighting perhaps then we would say the Alexa and the Echo quite possibly have the lead right now.

In Conclusion

No matter which option you go for, we are confident that you will be happy with your choice and love the benefits to your life that the smart speaker brings. Both the Amazon Echo and Google home are revolutionary devices both of which have the capabilities to continue to grow and offer more great features as the years go by. 


So, it is time to make your mind up and choose the smart speaker that suits your need and your lifestyle.


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