Hive are heavyweights in the Smart Home arena. But how do these light changing bulbs weigh up?

The Hive Light Colour Changing Smart Bulb  are a great alternative to Philips bulbs, and excellent companion to your Hive Hub.   Lets take a look and find out how good they are.

Are Hive Light Colour Changing Smart Bulbs any good?

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Our Real Life Ratings are based on the team here at actually installing, using and customising the Smart Home Technology we offer.  They are based on our experience, understanding of the market and our desire for straight forward, easy to use Smart Home Technology.

Value for Money (compared to similar devices) 92%
Ease of Install 92%
Ease of Use 98%
Overall 94%

Product Description

The Hive Active Light range is just one of the many options for smart lighting on the market, but what Hive brings to the game is years of Smart Home experience and convenience. 

Hive not only make Smart lighting, they grew their teeth in the Smart Heating arena over the past few years and have developed that experience to offer us a range of Smart devices including power and security. 

That experience shows as the Hive Active Lighting range, when tested, often reflects longer durability and life time than some of its competitors. 

Available in both screw and bayonet type, the Hive Active lighting range offers remote control, timer and dimmer functions all at a touch of a smart phone screen.   You can set your perfect lighting mood without leaving the sofa. 

What we like about Hive is you can control multiple options (lighting, security, heating and power) all from within the Hive App when using other Hive products and the Hive Hub.

Product Specs


  • Wattage of bulb: 9.5W
  • Lifetime: 25,000 hours
  • Colour: Colour Changing/White

How Easy is it to install?

Simply replace your current bulbs, and away you go.  Once connected, install the Hive App and sync to your Hive Hub.  Full instructions are included within the pack.

In Action

There is nothing better than seeing a product in action.  Please take a look at this video giving a product overview and introduction.

How much is the Hive Smart Home Hub?

Prices for the Hive Light Colour Changing Smart Bulbs are now starting to drop as the market opens up to competition, which is a great thing for us consumers.   Click the button below to find the current best prices.

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