How good is the Generation 2 Lightwave Smart Dimmer Switch?

The Lightwave Smart Dimmer Switch (Generation 2) is an amazing piece of Smart Home Tech Kit.  Easliy control your lighting without the need to change your bulbs, this dimmer switch is a must have for any Smart Home.

This model is the NEW Generation 2 version, which includes Efficiency Reporting and Apple Home Kit compatibility.  

There are older Generation 1  versions out there for cheaper, but for a few extra pounds, this version is worth its weight in gold (well, stainless steel).

How good is the Generation 2 Lightwave Smart Dimmer Switch

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Value for Money (compared to similar devices) 92%
Ease of Install 98%
Ease of Use 98%
Overall 96%

Product Description

Finished in sleek stainless steel, Lightwave Smart Dimmers offer convenient smart control of your lights anywhere in the world using your Android, iPhone or iPad. 

What’s great about the Lightwave product range is there is no need to change your current bulbs.  That’s right, as long as your current bulbs are dimmable, you can transform your dumb lighting into Smart Lighting by simply installing this dimmer switch. 

Some home electronics knowledge is required as you need to replace your current light switch, however, if you are competent and knowing your Live, Neutral and Earth this shouldn’t be an issue. 

The switch itself has two touch buttons, one for on, the other for off and when synchronised with the LightwaveRF Smart Hub you can set timers, light levels and of course turn on and off your current lights at the touch of your smartphone screen.

The lightwave app also allows you to monitor status and energy consumption all from your iPhone, Android or Tablet.

Product Specs

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT


A home Wi-Fi network, with spare network port on your router.

A LightwaveRF Smart Hub

How Easy is it to install?

Some homeowner electrical knowledge is required as you need to switch off your electrics and replace your current light switch.  Easy to follow instructions are included, however, if you are in doubt, you should consult a qualified electrician.  Once installed, setup is a breeze with help from the LightwaveRF App.

In Action

There is nothing better than seeing a product in action.  Please take a look at this video giving a product overview and introduction.

How much is the Lightwave Smart Dimmer Switch

Prices for the Lightwave Smart Dimmer Switch (Generation 2) are higher than their older Generation 1 older brother, but do not be tempted to buy the cheaper version as you get so much more for your money with the Generation 2 version. Click on any one of the list below to find out more.

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