What is the LightwaveRF Generation 2?

You may have seen our recent overview of the LightwaveRF Wifi Link – if you missed it, be sure to click here as it is well worth a read! 

The article went so well, that we felt it best to write a LightwaveRF Generation 2 article!

If you did miss out on our earlier articles about these great bits of smart home technology, then I think it is important that we start from the top.

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What is the LightwaveRF Generation 2?

So, to kick off this LightwaveRF Generation 2 overview. Put ever so simply, and perhaps underselling the amazing technology, the Lightwave Generation 2 allows you the user to control all of your home appliances through a mobile phone application.

Sounds a bit daft if you are stood right next to the lightswitch perhaps, but picture this:

You are on the way to the airport and you are on the way to your next family holiday. All of a sudden, you panic. What if you left your straighteners on in your rush to get out of the house? Or what if you want to leave a lamp on to deter potential burglars?

Don’t worry, the Lightwave Generation 2 has you covered.  Using the beautifully designed mobile application, all you have to do is log in to the app, take a look at all of the available switches and devices available and turn them off or on depending on your needs and circumstances.

But I have Generation One?

Sure, this is exactly as what the old system could offer you – so why upgrade?

Well there some main problems with the original system; firstly, compatibility with LED bulbs was patchy, and the protocol was stateless, so you couldn’t see if a device was turned on or off, for example.

Lightwave Generation 2 fixes both these issues, whilst maintaining the quality build and design of the original.  It even bundles in HomeKit support.

What else is needed?

Despite the ability to save you a lot of time and effort, there is some hard work that needs to go into the start of your journey with Lightwave Generation 2.

You need of course to replace your existing light switches with smart ones.

The switches do look amazingly good and will be used to control your existing bulbs – and of course, there is now such a thing as ‘Smart bulbs’ – here is our thoughts on the Philips Hue bulbs

The dimmer switches for the Generation 2 have a very high, superior build and with brushed steel do have that designer feel about them. We do warn you; when using the dimmer switches be sure to use dimmable bulbs otherwise you could be left with a nasty surprise. 

How easy is it to use?

We mentioned earlier how you can turn appliances on or off from afar, but did you know you can also set your appliances on a timer too?

I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person at all. So do you know what I did?

I set my kettle to boil one minute before my alarm goes off; therefore, I do not have to wait long for a fresh cup of coffee to help to motivate me to get out of bed first thing in the morning!

And how about this; you can set your system to turn off all appliances automatically when you walk out of the house! No more running around hitting all of the light switches off, or all of your appliances off when you are trying to leave the house in a rush!

In conclusion..

One thing you will also notice with the Lightwave Generation 2 is the superior support when it comes to being able to sync your system with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices! Voice control never felt so easy!

As the Lightwave Generation 2 offers improved LED bulb support, and designer looking switches make this a must buy for anyone looking for a high-end home technology automation kit!

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