Should I get a Nest Thermostat ?

It has not taken long for technology to overtake many standard household items and the standard thermostat is one upgrade that many homeowners are loving!

Gone are the old, clunky, hard to understand and hard to program thermostats that have adorned the walls of many a home for the past couple of decades, and in steps smart thermostats.

One smart thermostat that has proven a real hit so far with home owners is the Nest Thermostat.

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The Nest

The Nest Thermostat is now Google property – but it was not always owned by the tech giant. The Nest Thermostat was in fact created by Nest Labs, co-founded by former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers.

If you are quite afraid of change, as so many of us are, you will be happy to hear that the Nest Thermostat is not too dissimilar to a traditional round-dial thermostat so will not disfigure your wall too much or look too out of place in any theme of décor.

My teacher use to say; “every day is a learning day,” and that same ethos has been programmed into the Nest. Now, I am not saying my mother had any hand in programming this wonderful bit of technology, but one feature many people adore about the Nest is the ability for it to learn!

When programmable thermostats first came out years and years ago, everyone wanted one because they could see the money saving benefits that the programming would bring. However, they were also so flunky and chunky and confusing that no one could program them right anyway! Nor did people have the time to do it. Luckily, the Nest Thermostat very quickly learns your routine and programs the heating on your behalf – saving you plenty of time, and money!

How about installation?

One thing that puts many people off great home technology is the installation phase, and we understand that point for certain!

However, we were able to install our Nest very quickly and simply! After removing the old thermostat (and touching up the wall from where the old one had once sat), all we had to do was mark wires, clean them up a little, and reinstall them in the correct spots (which were all clearly labelled anyway!)

Once the base of the Nest is installed with all the wires in the right places, simply click the Nest screen on top of it and hey presto!

Just follow the instructions on screen and way you go! If you are struggling, you can of course visit videos on how to set one up.

What are the benefits?

One of the many benefits of installing the Nest Thermostat is the ability to control your heating from anywhere in the world. Nest have specific apps that you can operate from your own mobile device, or you can access the full control panel from your desktop computer or laptop! Of course, these platforms make for a much easier way to program your heating than older techniques, but we advise you to leave it alone for now! It does not take long for the Nest to learn your routine and program the heating on your behalf! It normally takes about a week for the Nest to pick up you day to day routine and have the heating programmed accordingly!

There is nothing worse than returning home to a cold home; especially in the midst of winter! Let’s say you have popped out to the cinema and feeling snug and cosy you know that you want the heating on for when you return, simple! Boost the heating as you leave the cinema and your home will be nice and snug for when you return home.

So, should you get a Nest Thermostat?

Only you can make that decision, but, think of the benefits! The cost saving programming that actually works! Plus, the ability to turn your heating on or off from wherever you are in the world certainly has Its perks!