The best Smart Home Devices UK of 2020

Smart Home technology, or as some would call home automation, provides homeowners a sense of security, comfort, energy efficiency and convenience by allowing the devices to be controlled from afar – normally via a smartphone app or other networked device.

The thing that links smart technology together is the internet; without the internet you simply cannot have a smart home. Think of smart devices as pieces of technology that can talk to one another and operate in the most effective and most efficient way.

The problem for many homeowners when they start out is to discover what kit they should invest in! There is so much smart home technology available now with so many variations and models that to find the right solution is never just a simple off the shelf solution.

smarthome devices 2020

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The Best Devices?

Luckily the team here at work tirelessly to help people find the right smart technical piece of kit that suits their needs. Their expert panel hand pick all of the best smart technology saving you valuable time and effort in your quest for a smart home.

We have an article available to read here which goes into detail everything that can offer and what determines a piece of smart technology, but in this article, we take some time to break down our top ten most popular devices!

Turning your home into a smart home has never been so easy!

To break it down, we have worked closely with the editors of and together have compiled the best possible list!

Best Smart Speaker

There is not too much separating the Google Home to The Amazon Echo, but with the addition of a cool looking clock, we have opted for the 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot!

It is very aesthetically pleasing with skins that you can use to match your home décor and is a lot smaller and more attractive than the original. Inside, the new Echo does all the same things the original does: control smart home gadgets, connect to other smart home hubs, read you audiobooks, check the weather, and even let you purchase things online just by using your voice.

And, as a speaker, it sounds pretty good, too.

Best Smart Thermostat

For this category, we have opted for the Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation. This screams everything that a piece of smart home technology should be.

As it learns your routine, in theory there is no need for any human interaction and allows for great energy saving over the year. This sleeker and thinner thermostat will slash your energy bills!

smart home devices 2020

Best Smart Lighting

We could not look much further than the Philips Hue Bulb range.

This pack delivers two bulbs and a hub to allow you to connect to the system. These lights not only allow you to change the brightness from your phone, but you can sync them to your computer to flash in time with music!

Best Smart Security Camera

The team at and us absolutely love the Nest Security Camera range.

We can monitor our property at any time, and from anywhere in the world all from the ease of our mobile phone. Plus, the ability to connect these to other smart devices reduces the need for a fancy monitor and when teamed up with a smart virtual assistant, voice recognition works a treat as well!

Best Smart Video Doorbell

The Ring Smart Video Doorbell Pro is the winner for us!

The ability to communicate and see who is visiting our home is a must and is a great way to stay safe and secure. Plus, the ability to communicate with delivery drivers is a real help!

Read our article on the Ring Doorbell here

Best Smart Sockets

When it comes to smart sockets, you cannot go far wrong with the range from LightwaveRF, in particular the LightwaveRF wall socket range.

Affordable and good looking, this socket allows you the chance to turn the appliance off or on from your mobile device!

Best Smart Radiator Valve

The Tado Smart Radiator valve is the go to smart radiator valve for us!

It is affordable, small, and easy to install. No need for any professionals to come in on this one! Plus, the boost button makes for a great way to quickly heat up the room when you need it most!

Read our article on Smart Radiator Thermostats here

Best Smart Hub

This was a very tough choice which took much deliberation. 

There are so many differing features and so much to take into account when it comes to choosing and this falls down majorly to which systems you are installing in your house. Therefore, we cannot just choose one hub. 

We have opted for; the Philips Hue Link Hub and the LightwaveRF LW930 WiFi Link – new version!

best smart hub

And Finally...

So, there we have it, our top ten most sought after and best pieces of smart technology that you can install in your very own home.

What are you waiting for? It is time you started to invest in your home and treat it to some smart technology. 


With the help and guidance here at, you cannot go wrong.


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