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Here you will find our articles, thoughts and views on the latest Smart Home Technology. booBeam Recommends is our little corner of the internet where we list Smart Home devices that we have tested hand picked for you.  


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Smart Home Help and Support

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Smart Home Technology Reviews

Smart Home Technology Reviews Everyone wants the latest piece of smart technology! Phones are getting smarter, cars are getting smarter and so too are homes. Every corner …

Is Ring Doorbell Worth It?

Is RING DOORBELL worth it? Home security is big business. We all want to feel safe in our own homes, and we want to protect all …


All devices list here at booBeam have our Real Life Ratings.  These are a set of ratings we measure each device against to give you a real life feel for the device.  Is it worth the money?  How easy are they to install? And most importantly, how easy are they to use in real life scenarios?



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