Best Wireless Radiator Valves

Central heating is one of the most overlooked, and yet satisfying inventions of our lifetime. There is nothing better than stepping into a warm house after a cold walk on a winters day.

It seems like radiators and all of their subtle parts have been neglected in the technology world whilst every other home appliance seems to have seen massive overhauls and new advances in technical advancements. 

But, the truth of the matter is that they have not been neglected at all!

In fact, the introduction of wireless Wifi radiator valves have been very quietly introduced into the world with not too many people noticing!

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What is a Wireless Radiator Valve ?

In this article we are going to be sharing our thoughts on the best wireless radiator valves or Thermostatic Radiator Valves (or TRV for short!)

But before we do, I think it is very important to look deeper into the meaning behind a Wifi enabled radiator valve, how they work, and why they can benefit your life!

Quite simply, these handy little TRVs can not only save you money but can increase comfort for you too!

These fancy radiator valves replace the existing valves on your radiator and gives you complete control over the heating of any areas of your home or any individual rooms that you feel needs specific heating.

What is great about these high-tec valves is that they can be programmed or using an external remote or an application in some cases, you can change the heat as and when you need them to. What is even better is the fact that you can add these valves onto your HomeWizard app if you should have that relevant system.

Warming up your rooms

Let’s say you want your bedroom cooler than your dining room, you can programme each radiator remotely, and also activates a different radiator at different times of the day should you feel the need! Take the kitchen for example; if you want that radiator on between 6am and 7am, so the room is nice and toasty when you grab your breakfast and coffee; you most certainly do that.

What is even better about these TRVs is how easy they are to install! Talk about easy home installation! You certainly will not need an engineer, or anyone technically minded helping you set these great bits of kits up!

Our best rated Smart Radiator Thermostats

Make and Model Category Winner Our Rating
Best Wireless Radiator Valves Netatmo NAV-UK Best priced thermostat with great software 4 Stars
best smart radiator thermostat Tado SRT01V-TC-ML-03 Best compatibility thermostat 5 Stars
best smart radiator thermostat eqiva Bluetooth 142461D0 Easiest to use termostat 5 Stars

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