Is RING DOORBELL worth it?

Home security is big business.

We all want to feel safe in our own homes, and we want to protect all of our valuables and loved ones from any outside dangers – no matter how big or small.

The issue is, when we are on the inside, we never know what is going on outside. Or, if we are away from home either at work or holiday, how can we be sure as to what is going on?

The Ring doorbell offers homeowners the chance to not only see whom is coming to our home, but to also speak with any visitor from either the safety of our home, or from the sunbeds as we relax by the pool.

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How it works..

Put simply, the Ring doorbell is a hybrid between the traditional doorbell we are all well acquainted with, and also a discreet but clear security camera.

The Ring is another piece of home technology that connects to your internet and can be controlled on any device that is connected to your internet – so smart phones, tablets, or PCs etc.

You will be pleased to hear this high-tech doorbell works in two ways; either by motion detection should anyone appear on your front doorstep, or by pressing the bell. If connected to the internet, you will receive a notification on your phone.  This means you will never miss a visitor again. You will be made aware of any person coming towards your front door; whether they have good intentions or not!

What we like?

What we really love about the Ring doorbell is the ability to talk and communicate with any visitors through your mobile device. 


So, imagine a very important parcel has arrive containing your child’s birthday present. You can instruct the courier to leave it with your neighbour, or in your shed perhaps for safe keeping. 


Or, perhaps an opportunist burglar is scoping your property and you are out at work?  By using the Ring, you have the ability to pretend that you are just stepping out of the shower, deterring any potential thieves from taking a chance. And what about those pesky doorstep sellers? You won’t have to interrupt your time watching the football game to speak to those guys!

What about installation?

Depending on which model you go for, you don’t always have to hardwire your Ring either! Both the Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell Pro are suitable for battery power and actually only have to be charged up once every 12 months!

Each Ring device has the ability to store your videos once you subscribe so you can always look back on guests should you need to for whatever reason, and all recordings and live footage arrive to you in high quality high definition!

Coming back slightly to the installation of these cameras; they are ever so simple to install, you won’t even need to hire outside help.


You will also be pleased to hear that the cameras come with fantastic night vision so you will always be able to communicate with those on the outside world no matter what time of day or night. 

Plus, they are highly weather resistant, and you should rest assured of a stable investment.

So, is the Ring doorbell worth it? In our eyes... yes!

Sure, it is very costly when compared with a doorbell, but you have to remember, this is not a doorbell. This is a sophisticated, wireless camera and intercom system that you can use to talk to visitors to your home no matter where you are in the world. 

This not only improves your home security and helps to keep your property and valuables safe and secure. But it also allows you the chance to never miss a visitor, a guest, or an opportunity. The ability to set up motion detection to see comings and goings is a fantastic feature and one sure to keep you entertained for hours and hours!

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