Smart Home Technology - What is it?

Everyone wants the latest piece of smart technology!

Phones are getting smarter, cars are getting smarter and so too are homes. Every corner of the internet is awash with Smart Home Technology Reviews. Our homes are now filled with smart home technology with pretty much everything you can imagine being given a smarter upgrade to help all of our lives get better, faster, and more efficient.

But what classifies a piece of technology so smart? And why are they being introduced amongst the world so quickly?

Smart Home technology, or as some would call home automation, provides homeowners a sense of security, comfort, energy efficiency and convenience by allowing the devices to be controlled from afar – normally via a smartphone app or other networked device.


what is smart home technology

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What is the answer?

The thing that links smart technology together is the internet; without the internet you simply cannot have a smart home. Think of smart devices as pieces of technology that can talk to one another and operate in the most effective and most efficient way.

The problem for many homeowners when they start out is to discover what kit they should invest in! There is so much smart home technology available now with so many variations and models that to find the right solution is never just a simple off the shelf solution.

Luckily the team here at work tirelessly to review and test tech to help people find the right smart technical piece of kit that suits their needs. Let’s break down some of the smart home technology categories a little further, and see what smart home technology looks like?


Heating can now be changed, set, and programmed using your smart device! You can be anywhere in the world and have the ability to either turn your heating off, or even put it on whenever you want. So you could be on your way home from work, and not wanting to arrive to a freezing cold home, simply use your phone to turn your heating on in advance of you arriving home!

From the Smart Radiator Valves, Tado Smart Thermostat V2, Hive Active Heating and Hot Water Thermostat and Nest Learning Thermostat, not only has in-depth reviews to help you make the right decision, but also have some great competitive pricing too!


Every home needs a hub; a way to control all of your appliances and plugs from the comfort of your phone from anywhere in the world. One of our favourite ways to do this is to turn the kettle on via our phone when we are on the way back from the office – therefore the kettle is ready to pour a fresh coffee when we arrive home!

Available to read up on the is the Hive Hub Wireless Smart Home Base Unit, the Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Home Automation Bridge and the Lightwave RF wifi hub! All three of these hubs have in-depth reviews for you to read through and as always, some great prices for you to take advantage of too!


We always say that lighting is one of the most overlooked pieces of technology in your house, and yet without lighting, you are not going to get very far!

From colour changing bulbs, to Philips Hue Lighting Range and LightwaveRF dimmer switches, the choices for your home lighting can be vast!


The smart hubs we noted above would be useless without a corresponding switch or socket for it take control of, so be sure to take a look at the range that have available.

Our website has reviews on the LightwaveRF Starter Kit, the Lightwave RF double power socket and even the Lightwave RF dimmer switch amongst others.

Just be sure to opt for a dimmable bulb should you go for a dimmable switch – you would not want any nasty surprises!


Everyone wants to know that their home and property are safe and secure, and this is made even easier using smart technology.  At we have selected a great list of some of the most sought after pieces of smart security technology that will help you feel safer in your own home.

Take for example the Ring smart doorbell that boasts a HD camera and intercom service, or perhaps the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera – both of these pieces of technology are great to help protect your home and loved ones and thanks to not only have great reviews for you to study up on, but also boast some amazing prices!

Want to know more about the tech we support and review? Check out our reviews here and our support pages here.

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