How to fix Xbox One No Video issue, and an easy way to replace the HDMI retimer chip

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In this video, we share how to replace a failed Xbox One S or X retimer chip to fix Xbox One No Video issues.  Before you jump in a try and replace a retimer chip, there are some tests you can do to help fix Xbox One no video issues.  Lets take a look..

First things first..

Now, it sounds obvious but some no video issues on the Xbox can be fixed by simply trying a new HDMI cable (yes, they do fail) or trying another TV.  Next thing to try is booting your Xbox in a low resolution mode – hold down the eject and bind buttons, then power on your Xbox.  This will default your Xbox to boot to the factory dashboard and it will scan to use the lowest resolution for your TV.  

If you see the dashboard, it could be your TV with an issue, so try another TV/monitor.  If your Xbox will only show the lowest (640 x 480) resolution, it could be a failed retimer chip.

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What is a Xbox Retimer Chip?

Basically, a retimer chip (or IC – Integrated Circuit) ensures the signal outputted to your TV is synchronised correctly to display on your preferred resolution.  It performs clock data recovery on the signal, then transmits the same data but recovered at the correct clock speed for your output – this removes skew and jitter and gives a nice clean output.

What do I need?

To replace the retimer chip on an Xbox One, you need a few tools.  Below are our recommendations:

Great, how do I replace the chip?

For a full guide, please watch the video above.  Essentially, in our method we share an easier way to replace the chip using solder paste instead on plan solder and separate flux. The steps are:

How to Check and Test

Have close look at the legs on the retimer and check to see if all legs have solder joining them to the motherboard.   Temporarily connect back your Xbox and power on to test that you have fix your xbox one no video issue.


You are all done.. Well done on fixing your Xbox One no video issue.

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Xbox One No Video Issue FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions, and our answers

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-1="h4" question-1="What is the easiest way to test why my Xbox One screen is black?" answer-1="Firstly, try changing your HDMI cable and try another TV or monitor. If that does not work, try starting your Xbox in recovery mode" headline-2="h4" question-2="Why do I have no signal on my Xbox one?" answer-2="It could be a faulty HDMI port or faulty retimer chip. Our guide here shows you how to replace the reimter chip" headline-3="h4" question-3="How difficult is replacing an Xbox One retimer chip?" answer-3="You will need basic soldering skills and some tools - a hot air gun and soldering iron - to replace the chip. We suggest practising on any old spare circuit board before you try." headline-4="h4" question-4="Can I easily replace an HDMI port on an Xbox One?" answer-4="Yes. However, you will need some soldering skills and tools. " headline-5="h4" question-5="Does Xbox One No Video mean I have lost all my games?" answer-5="No, all your games will remain on your hard drive - just be careful to shut down your Xbox properly. " "count="5" html="true" css_class=""]

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