Xbox ONE System Error E105 and how to fix it

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In this video, we learn how to fix Xbox ONE System Error E105, E101, E102, E106, E200, E203 and E305 and learn how to upgrade the capacity of your Xbox Hard Drive

My XBOX has broken... help.!

Although a great gaming machine, the Microsoft Xbox One is prone to some nasty “System Error” codes, which on the face of it could scare the life out of you.  But do not worry, here at we have an answer for you.

Xbox One System Error E105 E102, E101, E106, E200, E203 and E305 pretty much all point to the same issue. A failed or failed internal hard disk drive.   These system codes relate to a Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

So how do I fix it?

To start you will need a couple of things.  First, an external hard drive drive caddy which you can connect to your PC and a few Microsoft System files – Don’t worry, the links are below.

If you do not have an external hard disk drive caddy, we recommend the JANRI 2.5 inch Hard Drive Enclosure.

This caddy is USB 3.0, and given the Microsoft system files are over 4GB in size, it is best to use a fast USB 3.0 version.  Click here to purchase from Amazon .

Then you will need to remove the internal hard drive from your Xbox.  Watch our video which shows you step by step how to open the case and remove your drive – it is easier than you think.  Warning – Removing the case of your Xbox will invalidate your warranty. But we guess if you reading this, your warranty has already expired right?

Once you have your Xbox hard drive in your hand, slide it into your external hard drive caddy and connect to your PC.

Another warning – the next few step will delete ALL data from your Xbox hard drive, and we mean everything! So only proceed if you are happy to lose all data.

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The Steps..

You mentioned files?

We did.  Now you have a working hard drive (still connected to your Windows PC), you will now need 3 special files to rebuild the Xbox Operating System.  One is the actual Microsoft Xbox Operation System File, one is a script file which will (almost) automatically create the special partitions on your working hard drive and the last is a file which displays the green Xbox boot screen.

Click on the button below to be taken to our Xbox Support page and download the system files.

Partitions Everywhere..

You will now need to create special Microsoft Xbox partitions on the hard drive which is in external hard drive caddy and connected to your PC – but do not worry, the script you have just downloaded will do this for you.

Watch our video for full instructions of how to install the files, it is very easy to do.  Just be patient, as the files are large they can take some time to copy over to your Xbox Hard Drive.

Once complete, you should have now fixed the Xbox ONE System Error E105 and have your Xbox up and running again… Call of Duty anyone?

And you are back..

We hope you found this guide useful, please feel free to come back for more helpful “How to Fix” guides.

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