Can You Connect Air Pods to Xbox One?

AirPods are a solid wireless headphone solution that is good for both audio and connecting with others using their fixed microphones. Because of this component and their great fame among casual clients, most of them often wonder how to hook up AirPods to Xbox One consoles and utilize them for the game and party conversation. 


Sad to say, AirPods cannot match up to your Xbox One or your console’s controller. This suggests that you would not be able to listen to game sound coming through your AirPods since Microsoft’s Xbox One requires Bluetooth assistance, which denotes that it has no implied way to link AirPods to the Xbox console. Similarly, it is hard to associate AirPods with the Xbox One regulator headset jack.

You can use AirPods to attend to party conversation, but you can’t fix them to your console. Rather, you will need to download the Xbox Companion App on your iPhone or Android and sign in to your Xbox Live account.

Once you have gained access, you may be able to join Xbox Live events and talk to your friends through your mobile. You just have to pair off your AirPods to your phone, and you may now be able to utilize your wireless earbuds to join together with your acquaintances.

Having one AirPod in your ear while needing the game sound coming from your TV is your most appropriate choice for using your AirPods well together with your Xbox One.


How to connect AirPods to Xbox using the Xbox App?

Even though you cannot connect AirPods to an Xbox One console or controller, you can still enjoy them during an Xbox One gaming session. By consuming the authorized Xbox app on iOS or Android, AirPods can still be convenient for chit chat with friends in an Xbox Party and voice conversation within trendy video games.

The authorized Xbox app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and most Android smartphones and tablets. You can consume it to locate Xbox Achievements, purchase Xbox One games, and send off direct messages to your Xbox Live friends.

Here’s the way to utilize the Xbox app and AirPods at once when gaming on an Xbox One console.

  1. Match up your Air-Pods to your mobile operating system (iOS) or Android gadget.
  2. Then, download the Xbox app intended for iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Launch the Xbox app, and click sign in and log in with the same Xbox or Microsoft account you use on your Xbox One. (Tip: Xbox and Microsoft accounts are the same thing. They go off with many names when on the several tools and services.)
  4. Once you have attached your Microsoft account to your device beforehand, it should instinctively show up as a selection. If the shown email connected to your Xbox One console is accurate, then press it. If it’s not, click Add a new account and select your account’s linked email address and password.
  5. Hit Let’s play.
  6. Next, Select the Parties sign or symbol. It’s the icon that seems like the image of three persons.
  7. Then, choose to Start a party. An Xbox party will instantly be set up.
  8. After that, click Invite to party.
  9. Tap the names of every friend you would like to appear at your Xbox party. (Tip: To remove the names you’ve selected, just enter their name again.)
  10. Hit Send invitation for all of the invited friends to eventually obtain a notice of their invitation on their Xbox One consoles or their Xbox app.
  11. Place your AirPods on and begin talking together with your friends. (Tip: The limitation of this exchange method is you cannot utilize AirPods to pay notice to the audio from your video game. Most of the sound from your console will still come from your TV and its associated speakers.)
  12. Once you finish conversing with your friends, click Leave party.

How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One Without The Use Of An Adapter

Apart from the Xbox application, you can equally utilize your AirPods to stay along with your gaming buddies employing an additional application. A lot of people prefer to communicate using the Discord app, yet you can as well utilize applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, and so on to chitchat while playing Xbox One video games. To consume these applications, start up a voice call or talk as you usually would. The challenge to utilizing the above applications over the Xbox application is not the entirety of your Xbox friends may not access and use these applications.

How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One With The Use Of An Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter is frequently accustomed wirelessly transmit audio from the Xbox One controller to Bluetooth headphone.

Once you have plugged in your Bluetooth adapter, you will need to place your AirPods into pairing mode. To do this, unlock the charging case’s lid with the AirPods within and stick to the button on the back of the casing. The initiation of pairing mode is indicated with a blinking white light in between the two AirPods.

Then, hit the multi-function button on the Bluetooth adapter to place into pairing mode as well. The two devices should link up, and you will be able to gain audio from the console wirelessly. If it doesn’t work out, make sure your earphones have not automatically paired off with any Apple gadget.

How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One Through Optical Port Bluetooth Transmitters

The majority of the consumers have recommended utilizing a Bluetooth transmitter that attaches to the optical port on the back of your Xbox One to link not just AirPods but also any Bluetooth headset or earphone to your Xbox One.

As this is not a certified add-on and rather not authorized by Microsoft itself, testing this method is made at your own risk. There is no chance that your console will be congested or affected in some way, but there is a chance that this will not work at all, and it is for you to choose whether or not you would like to utilize your cash for something which may not be successful. 

Linking your AirPods to Xbox One may not be a straight forward task, but it can be an easy one. Most probably, by understanding the various methods above, you can have the connection that you need.

The Best Xbox One gaming headset for 2020

Listed below are the best Xbox One headsets you can purchase to enjoy your gaming sessions with your Xbox friends.

Steelseries Arctis 9X 

Key features:

  • It’s the best Overall Xbox One Headset
  • High quality, wireless audio
  • Comfy and well built
  • Long battery life

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Key features:

  • It’s the best Cheap Xbox One Headset
  • Very inexpensive
  • Handy and flexible
  • Physical microphone mute

Razer Nari Ultimate Xbox One Edition

Key features:

    • It’s the best Xbox One Wireless Headset
    • Haptic feedback
    • Long battery life
    • High-quality wireless audio
  • Key features:
  • It’s the best Wired Xbox One Gaming Headset
  • Excellent sound feature
  • Greatly customizable
  • An exterior soundcard and volume control

Audeze Mobius

Key features:

  • It’s the best Xbox One Headset for Quality Audio
  • Best audio quality
  • Audiophile-grade drivers
  • Loss-free wireless connection

You might not be able to make use of AirPods with your Xbox One in your gaming sessions, but they are still an amazing pair of headsets, specifically if you utilize an iPhone or iPad.

It’s not the best set-up, but if you would want to come up with your gaming partners over Xbox Live, this way, it’s at least a perfect option. Certainly, still, acquire a pair if you have been lured. Simply consider that you can’t make use of them with the Xbox One.

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