Can Xbox One Play DVDs?

Microsoft has developed game consoles, and one of the most famous is the Xbox series. Xbox One series is the much-awaited release from its predecessor Xbox 360. A lot of people have waited and raved about its release. Its new wireless connectivity and upgrades are worth it to look out for. Some games are just exclusive with Xbox. This is such great news to every gamer out there. Besides its popular use as a gaming console, people have also asked if you can play DVDs on Xbox. The answer here is definitely a yes. Just like its predecessor Xbox 360, Xbox One also has an optical drive that lets the user playback DVDs and Blu-rays. The other recently released Xbox series, Xbox One X and Xbox One S can play 4k video sources with Hdr10 support and 4K UHD Blu-rays.
The only downside is that playing a DVD on Xbox One is not as easy as you think. You have to prepare a separate app to do its job in playing the DVD. Users also need to convert some of the DVDs to compatible video formats because there are times that there are region codes or copy protection. These instances may be troublesome for users. Do not fret since this article will provide you with helpful information on how to play DVDs or movies on your Xbox One.

How to play DVDs on Xbox One Using a Dedicated Blu-ray Player

As mentioned earlier, there are some prerequisites to play a DVD on Xbox One successfully. This process will just take you a few minutes, so no need to worry. Just be sure to have a good connection, and that is all you need to go.


  1. Plug your Xbox One and turn it on. Click the Xbox button in the controller to help you open the guide.
  2. On the screen, choose Home and proceed to the Microsoft Store.
  3. On the search field, input the Blu-ray player and find it.
  4. Let the app download and then install it.
  5. Once you are done installing the app, click on the Xbox Button to bring you again to the main dashboard.
  6. You can now insert your DVD and just click play for you to play the DVD movie.

Aside from the steps above, you can also try to install the player through the use of a DVD inserted in the optical drive. Here are the steps you should follow to install a player through a disc in an optical drive. 

  • Open your Xbox One’s disc tray and insert a DVD.
  • You will see a Blu-ray player pop up on the screen.
  • Click it and open the page of the app and install it to your Xbox One.
  • All you have to do now is go back to the main dashboard and choose the play disc option for you to play the DVD movie.





How to Play DVDs on Xbox One After using a DVD Converter (Xbox One Supported Video)

Here is your other option if you don’t want to install a player to your Xbox One. You can play conveniently with Xbox One directly. All you have to do is rip and convert the DVD movie into a compatible format so that you can just easily play them using a USB stick or network-attached storage. There are also moments where your only option is to convert the video format because there times when you can’t open the file because of region code protection or other copy protection. 

You can try to download DVDFab DVD Ripper. This is considered the best app that can convert any DVD file into AVI and MKV format that is compatible with Xbox One. This Xbox One video converter gives the user a high-quality result, plus it is easy and fast to use. You can download these on Windows or Mac device, and after that, you can now customize the settings and even edit the videos. The steps on how to convert DVDs into a compatible video format using the DVDFab DVD Ripper will also be shared with you below. 

  1. After downloading the DVDFab on your computer, launch it and go to the Ripper Module.
  2. Follow the instructions given on your screen and load the DVD source you want to convert.
  3. On the top left of the app’s main interface, you will see a profile library. Click on it.
  4. Choose Format – Video and choose the file format that is compatible with Xbox One. You can also try clicking on Format – Video – Filter – 4K if you want to choose a $K format.
  5. The title of the DVD is selected by default, but you also have the option to change the title, audio tracks, or even the subtitles if you like. Besides that, you can also explore the Advanced Settings Panel if you want to change settings in codec, frame, resolution, etc. This app also comes with the option for you to trim or crop videos.
  6. Once you have done converting, click on the bottom part of the main interface where the folder icon is located. You can now select a directory on where to save your video. Click the start button and just wait for the ripping process to complete. 
  7. Once the conversion is complete, it is all done. The video can now be conveniently played to your Xbox One using a USB stick or network-attached storage.

How to watch movies on your Xbox one Using Streaming Apps

This is so far the most convenient option if you do not want to use a DVD on watching a movie or series. There are several online streaming sites to choose from. Pick the one that you think might work best with your preferences.

  • On your Xbox One home screen, click and choose Store.
  • Once you are on the search tab, you can now start typing the name of your preferred streaming app. If you want suggestions, the search feature will also give you some automatically generated results. The most popular ones are Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu.
  • Select the app, download it, and wait for it to install in your console. 
  • Once the installation is done, you can just easily access it from the My Games and Apps tab located on your home screen. Create an account for the streaming app that you have installed. This may include a monthly subscription, which you have to pay for. Once done, you now at anytime to watch your favorite movies and series using these online streaming apps.

With the popularity of video streaming online, physical media sales have also declined. This could be among the reasons why Microsoft did not include playback support in its Xbox One. This can be a disadvantage, especially if the video that you wanted to watch is not available for streaming online. As archaic as it seems to be, Xbox One, thankfully, is still able to play it even though you need to follow some steps. The apps that you need to download are free. Plus, it will make things easier for you. 

If you do not have the patience to prepare everything, you can just visit streaming sites like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, or Disney Plus. Although you have to purchase an account to avail of its services, this is already a wise choice because of the variety of movies and series it can provide you. Xbox One can also be integrated into your televisions. This is a cool feature that can be used by a lot of people. Microsoft has been continuously upgrading all its inventions. Xbox One is not just great for playing, but it also gives you the ease of access to multitask and switch from watching movies to playing games. A lot of game and tech enthusiasts have sworn that Xbox One is a must-buy and can even be more advantageous than a PS4. 



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