How to Connect New Xbox One Controller

We all know that Xbox is used in gaming. This brand is composed of 5 video game consoles as well as applications, streaming services, an online service, and the development arm from Xbox Game Studios. Of course, in playing this gaming console, there will be a controller that is included in the set; however, there could be times that it may be broken. You can purchase a new one, whether it’s authentic or the cheaper ones, but of course, services like warranty and item replacement are only guaranteed when you buy an authentic one.

You can purchase different kinds of controllers online. Choosing a new controller depends on the compatibility with your game console, so purchasing a new one varies with the version of the Xbox that you already have. For example, the Xbox One S controller and the original Xbox One controller may be two different versions, but they are both compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S game consoles.

Sync your New Xbox One to a controller

If you just purchased a new Xbox One controller, you can connect it, not just to your game console but to your computer as well. Whether it is wireless or through a cable, but to connect it with your devices and if it is your first time connecting a new controller all by yourself, these following steps in connecting your controller might help you.

If you wanted to connect it to your console wirelessly, you could follow these few steps for your controller to sync well:

  • Press the Xbox button to turn on your Xbox One so that it could connect to your new controller. Turn on your controller by holding the Xbox button for a few seconds, and the button will flash to indicate that it is the console that you wanted to sync with.
  • If you are new to Xbox One console or the whole Xbox itself, you’ll notice that there are buttons at the controller and in the console as well. For the Xbox One and Xbox One S, you can find the Bind button at the bottom-right of the system, under the power button, and you can find this small circular button. But if you are using the original model of Xbox One, the Bind button is on the left side of the console, near the disc slot. By this, you will press and hold the button for a second, and it will flash a few times, and it will stay once your controller and your console are connected.

There are also other options in connecting your controller to your console by using a cable or micro-USB. This is easier, unlike the wireless connection, because you will solely plug the cable into the USB port of your Xbox and then connect the other end to your controller. Once the cable is connected, you can simply press the button of your controller and hold it for a few seconds so that your controller will get synced with the console. After syncing, you can freely disconnect the cable by unplugging it, and you can now use your new Xbox One controller wirelessly.

Are you wanting to try new ways of using your controller? If your console is broken, you can still connect your controller to your PC, or if you just wanted to try PC games with your controller. Commonly, we usually used a keyboard and mouse in playing games, but they’re also games that will work better if you have a controller with you. 

In connecting and syncing your controller with your PC, it is just the same as how you will connect it with your game console. You can use it either through cable and USB or wirelessly. Is it possible to use a controller on a PC wirelessly? Yes, it is possible by using Bluetooth. To connect it, you need to follow these few steps:

  • On your computer settings, click the Devices. If you are using a Windows 10 version on your PC, click the Bluetooth and other devices. On that window, turned on the computer’s Bluetooth and chose to add Bluetooth or other devices, and select Bluetooth on the list.
  • Turn on your controller by pressing the Xbox button and follow the same process on how to connect it with your console. Press and hold the Bind button for a few seconds, and it will start to flash nimbly. Your Xbox controller will pop up in the menu of your PC in which indicates that it is now connected.

It is convenient to use Bluetooth in connecting the controller. However, some controllers are not compatible with Bluetooth, so you will have to buy an Xbox Wireless adapter to make it possible to connect to your PC. In syncing it with your controller, you will follow the same process when syncing it with your console. Plug it into the USB port of your PC and install the drivers first, and once it is done, simply do the same process by pressing the button, and when you see a light flash, you can now connect it to your controller.

Both methods are convenient to use, but if you don’t want to buy an adapter or won’t connect your controller wirelessly, just plug each end of the cable from your controller to your PC so that it will be connected immediately. However, it is not wireless like the console, and despite being connected to the PC, your controller will still drain, so you need to buy a charger kit for your Xbox controller for this kind of concern.  

What if it won’t connect my Xbox One Controller? 

We connect our controllers so that we can use it for games on our consoles, but what if it is not connecting to your consoles? It will depend on which of the three is the reason why it is not syncing at all.

  • Batteries might be why it is not connecting, so make sure to replace it or charge your controller before using or connecting it. Xbox One Controller drains fast, so you need to buy a charger kit for it to recharge your batteries.
  • Always make sure that your controller is close to your console because it will hard for them to connect once your controller is far. The wireless connection between your console and controller has a range of 20-30 feet. Making them close will also make a difference because it will at least have less interference. 
  • If the connection failed, or you are having a hard time connecting, restart your console for about 10 seconds or more and disconnect the power cable for like 30 seconds before reconnecting it back to your system and your controller again.

If none of them works, then your Xbox console or controller has a problem inside its system that needs to be fixed by a technician or purchase a new one instead.

So in conclusion,

You have read the different ways on how to connect your controllers to your Xbox game consoles and also to your personal computers. Having difficulties in connecting your controller with your console won’t be a problem anymore since these few methods in connecting your new Xbox One controller will help you in syncing your controller easily and swiftly. 

Today’s technology mostly uses wireless connecting in most devices, but you can still opt to use the wired options if wireless connections are not stable. With just a few steps, everything is just pretty easy to do, which allows you to connect your new controller anytime, and you can finally enjoy your game without experiencing interruptions. You can now fully entertain yourself with your gaming console, minus the hassle, the lags, and less feeling of discomfort. Enjoy your favorite game with your New Xbox One Controller!

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